Cheerleading Dinner


On Friday the 17th, the middle school and high school cheerleaders had a dinner at the school. This was to bring all the girls closer together as cheer squads, and to become better friends all around. At the dinner we had a type of gift exchange called a white elephant. The exchange was a game where everyone brings gifts, then at the beginning, everyone was given numbers. Number one goes and picks a gift, then number two comes and decides if they want what number one has or if they’d like something new. It continued through all the numbers, and the only rule is how many times a certain person could have a gift taken from them, which was two times at the max. This whole dinner with the exchange was be a lot of fun for all the girls and everyone was looking forward to it.


Senior Night


Come on out  tonight as we cheer on our Crusaders at their last varsity  football game of the season. We will also be recognizing our  senior football player and cheerleaders. Dawson Foster has played football throughout his middle school and high school career and intends to go out with a win. The senior cheerleaders are: Kerington Armstrong, Lindsey Burroughs, and Florence Mitchell. Each of these girls have spent a number of years cheering the Crusaders along the sidelines. Like Dawson they play multiple sports and excel in the classroom. It will be a sad departure tonight, but know they will do great things in their futures. We wish them the best of luck, so join us at 6:30 for kick off of the Tri-County game. Also at half time the elementary boys will have a flag football game. We hope to see you soon!

Trunk or Treat

Over the years, there has been a change in our society with or new ways of Trick or Treating. Parents have considered all of the dangers of going out on your own and trick or treating in the community. With all of this in mind parents have decided that it would be best to create a local church environment and use that as the trick or treating area. They named this trunk or treating. The way trunk or treating works is that the local church gets together and members of the church use the back of their cars to set up games or other fun activities that the kids can participate in. They usually win candy or prizes. Trunk or treating has been going on for a long time and still entertains kids to this day.


Varsity Volleyball State

Image result for volleyball clip artThe varsity volleyball team went to the state tournament in Myrtle Beach this past weekend. The team left on Thursday right after school. Their first game was Friday morning against Conway Christian. The Laurens varsity team won that game. The second game our varsity girls played was against Beaufort Academy. The team worked very hard but unfortunately lost. The next and final game played on Friday was a big success! The players did an amazing job. Saturday morning the team took on Wardlaw. The girls took Wardlaw to three. They fought hard and hustled the entire game but unfortunately lost in the third set. Thank you to everyone that went down and supported the girls! I know the team made some amazing memories and cannot wait for next season.


Volleyball Senior Night 2018

Senior Volleyball

On October 16, Laurens Academy played their final home volleyball match of the 2018 season against Oakbrook Preparatory School and hosted Senior Night.  Six seniors were recognized before the game for all their accomplishments. The six seniors (pictured below left to right)were Hannah Stribling, Mattie Grace Noffz, Kinsley Atkins, Ruthie Moore, Florence Mitchell, and Kerington Armstrong. The seniors lined up with their parents and walked out as they were called and a short message was said about each one.  The seniors were recognized in the message for their accomplishments in any sport they have participated in, the years they have attended at Laurens Academy, and their plans for college. Each senior received a small gift from the coaches and team and a card that each player signed. These six seniors ended their final game at home with a win over the knights of Oakbrook.  We wish each senior the best as they continue their time left at Laurens Academy and their future!



Region Volleyball Tournament


This previous weekend, Laurens Academy hosted the SCISA Region 2 1A volleyball tournament.  Middle school began the tournament at 9:00 Saturday morning. Laurens Academy went in as the number one seed with WW King behind them as number two.  The Crusaders met the Knights in the championship game. Both teams fought very hard but in the end, the Knights won. The Crusaders still claimed the regular season championship and Madison Sherman and Olivia Huck were named to the all-tournament team.  The Knights from King claimed the tournament championship. After middle school completed, the varsity portion of the tournament began. Laurens Academy varsity was the number one seed with and perfect region record with Cambridge behind them. The Cougars and the Crusaders met for a final time in the championship game.  The Crusaders came out on top, keeping their three-year region winning streak alive. The Crusaders claimed their third straight region championship and tournament championship. This weekend, the Crusaders will advance to state in Myrtle Beach where they hope to bring home another trophy.

Softball Catch up and Clean up


Softball season isn’t starting until  spring but we got an early start on cleaning up the field. Coaches Shannon Reynolds and Megan Huck, several softball players and some of their families met Saturday at the field to clean up. We raked, pulled up weeds and worked the diamond so we could see it. It took a few hours of tough work in the sweltering heat but it was all worth it in the end. We had a nice size turnout to come and help. Coach Reynolds and Coach Huck both encouraged us to help, we even got to take a little break and throw the ball too. The season will be a great one with a beautiful field and I can’t wait for it to start.

Middle School Look Up Lodge Trip

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This year, the Laurens Academy middle schools annual Look Up Lodge field trip will be on the 12th of October. Look Up Lodge has always been a fun trip for the middle school. However, for some students (the eighth grade) this will be their last trip to Look Up with the school. Going to Look Up Lodge as an eighth grader is lots of fun but it can also be very sad. It is fun because you get to be their with your friends, be the oldest class there, and have tons of fun. It can be sad because it is your last time going to Look Up Lodge. The eighth grade class will miss all of the fun activities at Look Up Lodge such as the giant swing, the water slide, the zip line, canoeing on the lake, and worship.


Family Fun Day


This past Friday, October 5th was Laurens Academy’s annual Family Fun Day before the football game against Richard Winn. It was open from 5:00 – 7:00. We had face painting, football throwing, pumpkin bowling, a big blow up bouncy house, and more. When you first came in there was a voting table, where you could guess how many candy corns were in the jar, and bags for the kids to fill with prizes from the games. All the games were really fun and you could win prizes!  Most games you could pick out a piece of candy or toy from the bucket. What I liked most is that there were prizes for everyone, so if some of the kids couldn’t have candy they had other prizes. Overall I thought it went great and all the little kids had lots of fun.

Manufacturing Field Trip

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On October 9th, the eighth and ninth graders went on a manufacturing field trip to the Piedmont Technical College Center in Laurens. The trip was similar to a job fair, and many different companies were there, along with other schools. We picked four booths that we thought were interesting and asked each of the four booths three questions. Booths such as Samsung, Milliken, Shaw Carpets, and many other booths were represented. It was interesting to see all the different things you can do with manufacturing and I’m really glad we went. There were also other booths there such as welding, the Laurens hospital, the Laurens water company and the fire station. It was also cool to learn that you can take robotics classes when you are in 11th and 12th grade at the center. I’m thankful they gave us the opportunity to go and I think it gave us an perspective on all the jobs that are available.



Christian History Paper


The ninth grade class is starting a project for Christian History. They are writing a paper on minor prophets such as Jonah, Daniel, Hosea etc. Along with the paper, the students are required to have a visual aid. This can be a power point, poster, or they can dress up as their prophet and give a speech. The entire class is already coming up with their ideas of what they are going to do for their project. The paper is due Monday, October 15, so the students are working hard to get their papers done. I, personally, am doing the book of Jonah. I am doing a speech for my visual aid along with the paper I am writing. It is going to be very fun doing the speech and I am looking forward to it.


Crusaders Host Race

Cross Country

On Thursday, October 4, the Crusaders proudly hosted what we assume is our first ever home race. It was held at the Laurens County Park, who generously cut and marked the path themselves. Coach Onika Kerber felt it was important to make a good first impression and made sure the race was a quality one. The team spent several days cleaning the course and preparing it (and themselves) for the race.

 The race was a grand one for the Crusader girls, who beat the Raiders in an epic showdown. The course was challenging, and many runners came in much slower than they had expected. Blair Quarles came in with a twenty-five. Ruthie Moore followed close behind with a twenty-six. Audrey Noffs came in with a twenty-seven and Julia Kerber ran a twenty-nine. Penelope Kerber had a thirty, and Ivy Codington carried a thirty-one. Lindsey Burroughs followed with a forty. The boys fared amazingly for their ages. Andrew Codington came in with a twenty-six. Blake Quarles and Caleb Howard boasted amazing runs. Blake claimed a twenty-seven and Caleb stole a twenty-nine. Garrett Murphy took a thirty-one and Devin Sampson ran a thirty-three. Noah Manning came in with a thirty-nine. Both teams raced exceptionally well for such a hard course.

Cross Country Eye Opener

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This year the cross country team started their season off with the Eye Opener race. It’s always a good way to start off the season. It gives us an idea on how were starting, and what we need to do to work for a better time throughout the season. This year it was great!  We all met at the school and drove together to the race. When we got there we all helped to set up the tent, and set up the chairs. We first did our warm up, which is running a mile. Once the race began, the girls ran first, then the boys.

After the race was over we all did a cool down lap, and then we helped take down the tent and pack our stuff up and take it back to the cars. Overall I think the race went well. We all had fun and ran the best we could.



Hype Videos

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Jesse Tarver’s videos are the best hype videos out there. If you don’t know Jesse, he is the “Voice of The Crusaders.” He knows how to edit and make them look very good very good on social media. But spoiler alert the best hype video is coming soon with the receivers and the backs.  The reason it’s so late in the season is because its homecoming.  On homecoming the crusaders are facing off head to head vs the eagles from Richard Winn.  Last week was the linesman video and it was pretty good and had a theme of hurricane Florence.  The receivers are Dawson Foster, Charlton McCall, Kenny Langston, Cal Robertson, Diamonte Grant, Will Jones, and  Clarence Bertoli.  For homecoming we have spirit week and we need every fan in Laurens county there Friday night for homecoming and look forward to the receiver video friday afternoon.

Spirit Week


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Homecoming is approaching. That means that Spirit week is almost here too. Every year, on the week of Homecoming, we have Spirit week. Spirit week is when everyone dresses up according to a theme. Every year there is a different theme and this year there are a lot of cool ones. Pajama day is every year, and this year it is on Monday. You can dress up in your slippers, onesies , or your favorite pajamas. On Tuesday we are doing Biker vs. Surfer day. Everyone will either dress up as a biker or a surfer. On Wednesday it’s Decade Day. For this day there is a lot of stuff you can do. You can dress up how you want from any decade. Thursday it is Safari Day. This day will be especially fun for the younger kids, since they can dress up as one of their favorite animals. The last day on Friday will be Wacky Tacky Spirit Day. This is a mixture of Wacky Tacky Day and Spirit day. Wacky Tacky day is when you dress up crazy. You can wear do whatever, such as: crazy hair, mismatched socks, different shoes. It’s fun to see how weird everyone dresses. Spirit day is when you dress up in school colors and show your school spirit. This year it’s combined so you can dress crazy and show your school spirit. It’s going to be a very exciting Spirit Week and I can’t wait to see how everyone dresses up.