9th Grade Art Murals


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The 9th grade class is working on murals as backdrops for different Laurens Academy events. They will be painted and colored on four different large pieces of cloth representing the theme of four different countries. One will be on France, another on Brazil, a third on China, and the last on the United States. The students have lots of great ideas, like putting the country’s flags and most popular attractions on them. These four murals will be done by four groups of students that will work on them during art class. Ms. Howiler, the art teacher over this project, had the idea to do this. She thinks the banners will be great to use as things to decorate the walls in events like Open House, school dances, or auctions. Everyone is excited to see how the murals are going to turn out.




Cold Season

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   Cold season is upon us. For weeks, people have been sniffling and coughing, tired from ailments that come back on a regular basis. Such small things can have a huge impact on us. They can harm your daily performance in school and work. Often, they make us sluggish and more likely to fall into an untimely slumber. So what can be done to prevent such ailments from harming us, too? There is no perfect method, but there are many ways to avoid the little nuisances. Washing your hands and using Germ-ex can help to kill most anything that may be abiding on your hands. It has also been proven that drinking lots of fluids (preferably water) can also help one to avoid getting sick. Getting decent amounts of sleep can help your body to resist the ailments. Many people also know that keeping your hands away from your face keeps the germs on your hands from reaching open places like your nostrils and mouth. These are only some of the practical tips that are helpful in keeping yourself healthy.

Middle School Dance

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On Saturday, February 16th, Laurens Academy’s middle school students are invited to the Sweetheart Dance. It is a semi formal dance planned by some of the school staff, like Mrs. Suttles. It will take place in the gym in the late evening. Since the theme is centered around Valentines Day, the part of the gym used as the dance floor will be decorated with pink, red, and white streamers and balloons. There will be food, like cookies and cupcakes or finger foods, and drinks like sodas and fruit juices. The dance is for students who go to Laurens Academy, however outside guests are allowed to come with people as well. On top of the kids who go, there will be a few parents and staff chaperones. Most of the girls in middle school are pretty excited and have already started looking at dresses, but some of the boys are going to need some convincing to get them to go.

Amish Trip

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Last summer, several Laurens Academy students went on a trip to see the Ark in Kentucky. The trip was put on by Lucas Avenue Baptist church. The Ark Encounter is a life size replica of Noah’s ark and the inside is what it is believed to be back in Noah’s day. This summer there is going to be a trip to Lanchester, Pennsylvania to see the Amish country. It is a four night,/three day trip. One of the places they are going is the Sight and Sound theater to see a production of “ Jesus.” Also, they are going to to visit Hershey’s Chocolate World, where you can tour the factory and eat chocolate. Several other sites will be seen too.. Several Laurens Academy students are going on the Amish trip. I’m sure this will be a very exciting trip, full of new things to see.



Math Meet

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Laurens Academy just competed in the SCISA High School Math Meet this past Tuesday. The members of the Laurens Academy team were as follows: In 12th Grade, the people who competed were Hannah Stribling and Lindsey Burroughs. In 11th Grade,  Ruta Patel, Blair Quarles, Jared Jin, Jennifer Wu, and Isabella Hucks competed. There were only two 10th graders and one 9th grader. 10th graders were Brantley Armstrong and Sunny Li. The only 9th grader who competed was Colton McGee. The team had a good time going and competing for the school. Team one for Laurens Academy won tenth place over all the teams there. Sunny, Hannah, and Ruta all one individual awards for the highest score on their teams. I think they can all agree that going to the math meet was a really fun experience for everyone.


Starting with a New Slate

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I think that a new year can give new opportunities and new chances for different things. One of my favorite things to do in the new year is to make New Year’s resolutions. One thing that a lot of people try when making resolutions is to make one about being a better person or making better grades. When the new year comes around, it is a great time to start making better grades and studying harder. This is why I feel like everyone should make their own new years resolutions and try to be a better version of yourself.


Theme Nights

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Theme nights are a fun way to show support for our school at basketball games. We have a few theme nights left in this season. Hawaiian night will be on January 15th vs Anderson Christian so please show up in you flowered shirts for that one.  Next is on the 22nd  vs New Covenant. It’s Super Hero night.  You can come dressed as your favorite character. On the 24th, it is Freeze Out Night vs Richard Winn. This will be an insanely big game for the crusaders. The next night, we play WW King.  This will be a Blackout Night and our annual chili cook off. Finally we have our rival coming to town on February 1st. The theme will be White Out Night and also senior night.  We will recognize our senior basketball players. So come on out and cheer on your Crusaders and take part in one of our theme nights!

9th grade science experiment

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The ninth grade class takes a physical science class and we do quite a bit of experiments. Recently, we did a distance project. The class got into groups of three. We each had a stopwatch and yard stick. We measured out five meters and took turns seeing how long it took each of us walking five meters. My time was four point six seconds After that we saw how many steps we could take within five seconds. I took a whole twenty six steps within the  five seconds. The groups one by one sat down after they were done with the project and they all discussed their results. The experiment taught us about speed, distance and time.

Annual Struggle

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It’s an annual occurrence: people come back from Christmas break to find themselves struggling to latch on to what was once a daily routine. Students and teachers alike trudge down the hallways in exhaustion. Once you get out of the swing of school life, it can be hard to latch back onto such a rigorous schedule. Homework, tests, and simply getting up early can throw a kink into anybody’s schedule. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks to adjust back to school life. However, there is good news; the lag will fade eventually. At some point, everyone gets back into their normal routine. What are the best ways to get back up to speed? Coffee is great for those who enjoy it, and hot tea is the British equivalent. Sleeping well and getting plenty of it can also contribute to a faster “recovery.” Trying to keep a positive attitude also helps one recover. One should keep their notes neat, maybe even get a new notebook. But however well you recover this time, there’s always the summer lag to deal with next.


Lowes Classic 2018

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The Laurens Academy Lady Crusaders varsity girls basketball team competed over the Christmas break in multiple games.  The Lady Crusaders competed in the Lowes Classic 2018 High School Basketball Tournament held at Chesnee High School. The girls were the only private school team invited and played against two five A schools on one three A school. The team competed in a game a day throughout December 27 through December 29 and battles hard each game. The Laurens Academy Lady Crusaders finished 1-2 at the end of the tournament in fifth place. First, the Lady Crusaders took a win over AAA Chesnee High School at their own gym. The next two games, the Crusaders lost to AAAAA Fort Mill and Gaffney. The Gaffney game was within ten points. All together, the Lady Crusaders represented the school very well and played their hearts out.






Newberry Tournament

See the source imageThe varsity boys basketball team played in a tournament December 21 and 22. The team played two games against Northside Christian and South Aiken Baptist. The team gave a good effort the first night and played hard but lost to Northside Christian. After that loss the boys were very disappointed but knew that they had to recover back after that loss and they did. The second night was a really close game. The boys played exceptionally well and the game was neck and neck the whole way. The boys played good defense and good offense which resulted in them coming away with a one point win against South Aiken Baptist. It was a great game and everyone had a great time playing in the games.


4th Grade Presidential Cereal Box Projects

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Every year the 4th graders do the presidential cereal box project. The students get assigned a president. They then get a picture of their president and put it on the front of a cereal box. They also have to put other items that represent that president. The students can use money, documents, and other objects. The students can also decorate their box with pictures. They also have to write a poem that is a full page and present it with their cereal box. This project is a different way to learn about presidents and makes it more interesting. It’s a way to be creative and helps them learn how to research. I’m sure their cereal boxes will be amazing and will have a lot of great information.



The Legend of the Candy Cane

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When you think of Christmas many things probably come to mind. Maybe presents, Christmas trees, the nativity, and of course, candy canes. Candy canes are seen everywhere this time of year. You can find them in stores, in gift bags, and in many decorations. But, we forget that candy canes are more than just a minty decoration, they are symbolic.The candy cane, created first in the 18th century, was a way ingenious way  to share the love of Christ during this period in Europe which oppressed the public display of Christianity. The “J” shape of the candy cane represents the shepherd’s staff which characterizes Jesus as the great Shepherd. The shape also stands for the “J” in Jesus. The red stripes of the candy cane signify the blood Jesus shed on the cross for our sins, by His stripes we are healed. The white of the candy cane is for the sanctification of our sins and the holiness of Jesus.

Elementary Christmas Concert

See the source imageComing up on December 13, Laurens Academy will host their annual elementary school Christmas concert.  The concert will be performed by grades 4K through fifth grade.  It will begin with various children from the older elementary grades showcasing their piano skills.  Next, the 4K and 5K classes will sing Christmas tunes like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  The older grades will sing more traditional Christmas songs like Mary Did You Know and Silent Night. The concert will also feature some Christmas music history that will be told as the night goes on.  Some kids have earned spots to sing in small groups, solos, trios, and duets while others will read to the crowd.  The older grades will get to showcase their acquired skills that they have learned throughout the first semester on the xylophone.  After the show comes to a conclusion, the Laurens Academy staff will be serving cookies and milk for the children and their families.  Mrs. Owens, the music teacher, and the elementary children have put in loads of hard work and hope to see a big crowd attend their show!




See the source imageExams are an important part of a student’s life. They teach you to learn how to recall information that was taught earlier in the year. Students at Laurens academy take two sets exams: one set halfway through the year right before winter break and the other at the end of the year before summer break. Many people stress over exams, but if you are prepared they are not too bad. One way to make sure you will be ready is to be organized throughout the year, and to keep track of your information. When exams get close, you can pull out your study guides, homework, and old tests to study easily. Another way is to randomly take out old notes and glance over them during the year, even when exams are not very close. Using these tips, students may be able to be more prepared for the exams coming up soon.