Camp Greenville

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The eighth grade will soon embark on their annual Camp Greenville trip. The trip will be the last field trip that is exclusive to one grade level. The class will enjoy hiking, playing sports, making s’mores, and simply being together. The class will also get their own cabins. Mrs. Codington will be the only teacher accompanying the class. The camp will be a great opportunity for the class to bond. However, the eighth grade class is already very close, since they number so few. The class will be able to look back at this trip for years to come and remember it very fondly. The current ninth grade class remembers their good times. I hope the eighth grade experience only the very best at Camp Greenville.



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                One of the benefits of being at a Christian school is the ability to celebrate real Easter with each other. Easter is a very significant time for Christians. The fact that Jesus rose from the grave for us is amazing. He knew that not all would believe Him and many would refuse the truth, yet he died for us anyways. That amazes me. The Easter story reminds me a lot of the story of Haman in Esther. Just as Haman was pierced on the pole he had set for Mordecai, so death was killed in the pit it had set for Jesus. Easter is amazing. We serve an awesome God.



               Last week, the fifth grade embarked on the annual Charleston field trip. The class drove down early Tuesday morning last week and arrived back at the school on Wednesday night.  Most years, the trip lasts two nights. However, this year, the trip was shortened to one night. The students and chaperones enjoyed touring several historic sites at Charleston. They visited the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. The Old Exchange building has served many purposes over the last few hundred years, and was an essential piece of our state’s birth. The class also visited Fort Sumter. My younger sister is in the fifth grade, and she has said only positive things about the trip. Once again, the Charleston trip has been a fun, educational time for all of the students.

Barrier Island

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Field trips are anticipated with great excitement. They are a chance for students to not only learn, but interact with what they are learning about. Don’t forget, it is also a great chance to make lasting memories. As students rise through elementary, two field trips stand out. One of those is the trip to Barrier Island. The annual field trip is greeted with high expectations, and perhaps a bit of fear, as the students embark on their first overnight trip with one other. During the trip, the students typically stay in cabins and visit the famed “mud pit” (which, in reality, is a shallow pond with a boatload of ridiculously strong mud coating its floor). The classmates will not only learn, but enjoy an awesome time of bonding with each other and their teacher.

Wishing them a very enjoyable trip!

Spring Forward!

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             It’s that dreaded time of year again! Are you ready to spring forward? This time around, we will be losing an hour of sleep. Expect to be a tad bit groggy that day. In fact, it may be a good idea to go to bed an hour early, to make up for the lost time. However, luckily, this jump forward means that later on we will have our annual jump back. That time jump is much more enjoyable. However, be prepared to wake up in a few days and think to yourself, “I slept terribly.” In reality, you just woke up really early.

Saint Patrick’s Day

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                    Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up March 17th. Don’t forget to wear green! I assure you, you will get pinched. However, why do we pinch each other? For most of us, it is simply a tradition that we have grown up with. However, the origins of this tradition go back a very long time. Wearing green was seen as a way of honoring the holiday’s native land, Ireland. Pinching someone who wasn’t wearing green was a way of  scolding them. In the Americas, back in the 1700’s, the tradition took a different meaning. Leprechauns are a common part of Saint Patrick’s Day. Leprechauns are also extremely mischievous. Pinching someone who wasn’t wearing green was a way of imitating leprechauns. However, in my own mind, I think that the theories and traditions are just an excuse to have a little mischievous fun. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

High School Dance


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               About two weeks ago, the school hosted a semiformal dance for students in the 9th through 12th grades. The dance was hosted in the gym and lit by disco lights and strands of fairy lights. Jessie Tarver deejayed the event and made sure that the songs played would make students get up and move. Students shuffled and shimmied across the floor as they danced the daylight away. Reles Littleton had a memorable karaoke session that brought many student’s phones out of their pockets to light up the performance. As the night wore on, platters of cookies slowly disappeared. A long and snake-like conga line formed towards the end as the attendees wound around the gym. It was a memorable event that shall be looked back on with rose-colored glasses.

Cold Season

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   Cold season is upon us. For weeks, people have been sniffling and coughing, tired from ailments that come back on a regular basis. Such small things can have a huge impact on us. They can harm your daily performance in school and work. Often, they make us sluggish and more likely to fall into an untimely slumber. So what can be done to prevent such ailments from harming us, too? There is no perfect method, but there are many ways to avoid the little nuisances. Washing your hands and using Germ-ex can help to kill most anything that may be abiding on your hands. It has also been proven that drinking lots of fluids (preferably water) can also help one to avoid getting sick. Getting decent amounts of sleep can help your body to resist the ailments. Many people also know that keeping your hands away from your face keeps the germs on your hands from reaching open places like your nostrils and mouth. These are only some of the practical tips that are helpful in keeping yourself healthy.

Annual Struggle

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It’s an annual occurrence: people come back from Christmas break to find themselves struggling to latch on to what was once a daily routine. Students and teachers alike trudge down the hallways in exhaustion. Once you get out of the swing of school life, it can be hard to latch back onto such a rigorous schedule. Homework, tests, and simply getting up early can throw a kink into anybody’s schedule. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks to adjust back to school life. However, there is good news; the lag will fade eventually. At some point, everyone gets back into their normal routine. What are the best ways to get back up to speed? Coffee is great for those who enjoy it, and hot tea is the British equivalent. Sleeping well and getting plenty of it can also contribute to a faster “recovery.” Trying to keep a positive attitude also helps one recover. One should keep their notes neat, maybe even get a new notebook. But however well you recover this time, there’s always the summer lag to deal with next.


Crusaders JV Girls

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This year, the Lady Crusader varsity basketball coaches had to made some tough decisions. Due to the amount of players participating in the varsity program, ninth graders Elissa Hucks and Ivy Codington graciously moved down to join the middle school students and formed a JV team.

The difference in the schedules of the high schoolers and the middle schoolers resulted in a change to the practice schedule. Instead of practicing 2:15 to 3:30 as they typically do, this year the team will practice from 3:30 to 5:00. We all wish the JV girls luck as they will begin their season in the following weeks.

Crusaders Host Race

Cross Country

On Thursday, October 4, the Crusaders proudly hosted what we assume is our first ever home race. It was held at the Laurens County Park, who generously cut and marked the path themselves. Coach Onika Kerber felt it was important to make a good first impression and made sure the race was a quality one. The team spent several days cleaning the course and preparing it (and themselves) for the race.

 The race was a grand one for the Crusader girls, who beat the Raiders in an epic showdown. The course was challenging, and many runners came in much slower than they had expected. Blair Quarles came in with a twenty-five. Ruthie Moore followed close behind with a twenty-six. Audrey Noffs came in with a twenty-seven and Julia Kerber ran a twenty-nine. Penelope Kerber had a thirty, and Ivy Codington carried a thirty-one. Lindsey Burroughs followed with a forty. The boys fared amazingly for their ages. Andrew Codington came in with a twenty-six. Blake Quarles and Caleb Howard boasted amazing runs. Blake claimed a twenty-seven and Caleb stole a twenty-nine. Garrett Murphy took a thirty-one and Devin Sampson ran a thirty-three. Noah Manning came in with a thirty-nine. Both teams raced exceptionally well for such a hard course.

Crusaders at Lake Rabon

On Tuesday, September 18, the Crusader cross country team embarked on their most difficult race yet. The race was hosted by Laurens High and took place at a park in the Lake Rabon area. Featuring hills and a windy dam, it was a difficult feat. Blair Quarles once again stole first place with an amazing run of 24:13. Audrey Noffs followed close behind with a 26:17. Julia Kerber also had a stunning run with a 27:40. Ivy Codington followed with 30:28, then came Penelope Kerber with 32:18. Lindsey Burrows had a phenomenal run as well, a 37;10. Jonas Smith carried the boys with exceptional results, 22:39. The middle school boys did amazingly, running together at an incredible pace, all under a 31 minute. The girls’ team once again took first from bigger schools, continuing an amazing season for such a small school. The Crusaders are excited with their season and hope to continue with their results.


Crusaders at Abbeville – Cross Country

 On September fourth the Crusaders took off once again in another race to the finish this cross country season. This time it was set in Abbeville, with clouds threatening the blue sky. Due to the rougher terrain than the previous race (the Eye Opener), the Crusaders had slightly slower times, yet even better placings. Blair Quarles came in a tight first with a time of 24:19. Audrey Noff followed close behind with a 26:16. Julia Kerber came in at 27:50. Ivy Codington came in a with a diving finish at 30:11. Penelope Kerber followed with 30:49. Lindsey Burroughs sprinted in with 41:40. The girls team had a total score of 32 and missed first place by 5 points. Jonas Smith did a stunning job, only missing his best time by 36 seconds; stunning due to the fact that his running partner, Andrew Covington, was absent due to illness. The younger boys did amazingly, all coming in before 37 minutes. The Crusaders will continue to run with passion for the rest of the season.