Senior College Decisions

See the source imageAll of our seniors have made decisions on where they want to go to college. From our current seniors I’ve heard that we have a variety of choices. Noah and Ruthie had both decided to go the Covenant College. Noah has decided to major in business, however Ruthie is undecided on her major but is going to play basketball. Julia, Hannah, Morgan, Lindsey, and Mattie are all going to Clemson. Hannah has decided to major in engineering while Mattie is planning on majoring in business. Morgan, Lindsey, and Julia have decided to join the veterinary field. Kinsley is going to Columbia College to play volleyball. Both Dawson and Yukti are going to PC. Kerington has decided to join Greenville Tech. Christian is going to Piedmont Tech. Finally, Florence has decided to join Tri County Tech. We know our seniors will continue to make us proud!





Exam Preparation

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It’s almost time to wrap up this school year and that brings along with it final exams. There are a lot of different ways that you could prepare for exams in the next few weeks. The key to doing very well on exams is to always be listening to the teacher when they are talking to the class. I think that the most important thing to do when you are preparing for the exams is that you always take great notes but not only that but you make sure that you keep a tight grip onto your notes. You can not do well on an exam if you lose them. I hope that everyone does great on the upcoming exams and always remember to be prepared, get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast on the day of your exams.


Snow Day


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There has been a very curious incident lately. We have seemed to have gotten a little bit of snow on April 2nd and I have found that out to be quite interesting. However it is not the fluffy white powdery snow that you find during the time of Christmas. This is a wet mushy type of snow that you just can not do anything with. This type of snow is just the worst if it hits the ground and becomes fully solid. Throughout snapchat people have found large wet clumps of snow in the morning hours and people are just fascinated by that fact. This is of course because of the very cold weather in the mornings that South Carolina has had recently. This will however most likely not happen again anytime soon.


Cars vs. Pollen

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Now with the upcoming season brings a new problem that we all have to deal with and bear through. This problem is called pollen and it bothers most everybody’s allergies. What a lot of people miss when it comes to this problem is that your car also gets a bit of the problem itself. When it comes to pollen and your car it can be very difficult to get all of it off. By using water you could get it of but only a little and if you don’t get it off then it just spreads it across the car. This can be a very frustrating thing. There is really no getting all of it off so it is very frustrating. I hope that the pollen won’t be too bad this year and your car will not get too dusty.


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There are many ways that guys ask girls to go to the prom with them. This act is called a promposal. Most of the time you will see the guy make a poster and a little gift for the girl he is asking. The poster could be anything from a really cute comment to a really corny joke. Either way I think it is really nice for someone to put a lot of effort to go to a high school dance. I went online to see if I could find the best promposals possible and I was able to find where a girl promposal to a guy using a goat and a bunch of puns which I think is so funny. There have also been some sweet ones where a guy used a super mario mini game because the girl loved video games. So either way you decide to do it it can be incredible.

Starting with a New Slate

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I think that a new year can give new opportunities and new chances for different things. One of my favorite things to do in the new year is to make New Year’s resolutions. One thing that a lot of people try when making resolutions is to make one about being a better person or making better grades. When the new year comes around, it is a great time to start making better grades and studying harder. This is why I feel like everyone should make their own new years resolutions and try to be a better version of yourself.


Thanksgiving Break

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Thanksgiving break is coming up soon. There is only a week until the break starts and everyone is really excited! Some students are able to travel so it’s nice not to have to worry about school or homework.  There are many different places to travel near us.  One of the areas you could go is the mountains where you can look across vast open areas where you can relax and feel the cold mountain air. If the mountains aren’t your thing then you can go to the beach where the beach is going to be a lot colder than usual. Then there is thanksgiving where you can take time off with family and friends and talk about how thankful you are for all of them. I hope that everyone enjoys their vacation.

Trunk or Treat

Over the years, there has been a change in our society with or new ways of Trick or Treating. Parents have considered all of the dangers of going out on your own and trick or treating in the community. With all of this in mind parents have decided that it would be best to create a local church environment and use that as the trick or treating area. They named this trunk or treating. The way trunk or treating works is that the local church gets together and members of the church use the back of their cars to set up games or other fun activities that the kids can participate in. They usually win candy or prizes. Trunk or treating has been going on for a long time and still entertains kids to this day.


High School Vista

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High school Vista at Laurens Academy is a class that informs students about highschool units and college credits. It also helps students do better in classes they are having trouble with. Currently Mrs. Finley is the teacher of highschool vista. We meet once a week on Fridays. She helps us realize what we need to do when we get to college so we aren’t going in blind. We will do a wide range of project from posters and more. This is a very helpful class. I’m sure all that Mrs. Finley is teaching us is something that we will need to succeed in college. I know that all students will love this class.