Presidents Day

Presidents Day is celebrated every year on the third Monday in February. It is the annual celebration of George Washington’s birthday…and several other presidents. It primarily honors the 1st president of the United States, George Washington. Not only is this holiday taken to remember the birthday of Washington, but to honor and remember all the achievements of all of the presidents that helped shape our country into what it is today. There will be many parties, re-enactments, and other celebrations to remember all the presidents who have served our great country throughout the years.


The Legend of the Candy Cane

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When you think of Christmas many things probably come to mind. Maybe presents, Christmas trees, the nativity, and of course, candy canes. Candy canes are seen everywhere this time of year. You can find them in stores, in gift bags, and in many decorations. But, we forget that candy canes are more than just a minty decoration, they are symbolic.The candy cane, created first in the 18th century, was a way ingenious way  to share the love of Christ during this period in Europe which oppressed the public display of Christianity. The “J” shape of the candy cane represents the shepherd’s staff which characterizes Jesus as the great Shepherd. The shape also stands for the “J” in Jesus. The red stripes of the candy cane signify the blood Jesus shed on the cross for our sins, by His stripes we are healed. The white of the candy cane is for the sanctification of our sins and the holiness of Jesus.