End of the school year mess

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The end of the school year is one of the best and the most stressful times of the year. It’s great because school is almost out for the summer and for our seniors, they are done with highschool. It’s stressful because some people are worrying about college and being ready. Others are worrying about ending the year with good grade. Another stressful thing is how everything is breaking after a long hard year. Just today, my book bag broke and now I need a new one. Two seventh grader’s notebooks broke and a school years worth of paper went everywhere. Between finals approaching and school supplies breaking down, summer can’t get here soon enough!



Good Friday

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Good Friday is on April 19th which is the Friday before Easter. It is a day to look back on Jesus’ death and crucifixion. Though good Friday may not seem so good because Jesus was beaten, mocked, whipped and killed in a terrible way on that day It shows how much God loves us and that Jesus didn’t suffer for no reason. He loves us and can forgive us from our sins. So though it may seem sad it is but it is also good because it was the day our sins were washed away and we were forgiven.



Save the Date for Sports Banquets!

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It’s getting close to the end of the year, and sadly so are our beloved sport’s seasons. That means lots of banquets. Get out your calendars and mark these dates so you don’t miss our middle school and varsity athletic banquets. Our LA middle school sports banquet will be in the LA gym on May 21st at 7:00 pm. Our varsity sports banquet will be at Chestnut Ridge Church on Thursday, May 23rd at 6:00 pm. At the banquets, each player will receive  a certificate. Then the coaches will recognize special players for most improved, MVP award, most spirited, etc. This is a great way to end our year.

Former Student Joins the Navy


Former student Jack Kerber joined the Navy this past year. Before he came to Laurens Academy he was homeschooled. He attended Laurens Academy for his eighth grade year throughout his senior year. He graduated in may 2016. Since graduation, Jack went to Greenville Tech and worked at General Electric. He decided he wanted something more, so he decided to follow his grandfather’s footsteps and join the Navy. He first went through bootcamp in Chicago which was hard but he had a good time and made some new friends. He is now in school in a Naval Academy in Charleston. I am sure he will do great things in his career.

Family Fun Day


This past Friday, October 5th was Laurens Academy’s annual Family Fun Day before the football game against Richard Winn. It was open from 5:00 – 7:00. We had face painting, football throwing, pumpkin bowling, a big blow up bouncy house, and more. When you first came in there was a voting table, where you could guess how many candy corns were in the jar, and bags for the kids to fill with prizes from the games. All the games were really fun and you could win prizes!  Most games you could pick out a piece of candy or toy from the bucket. What I liked most is that there were prizes for everyone, so if some of the kids couldn’t have candy they had other prizes. Overall I thought it went great and all the little kids had lots of fun.

Cross Country Eye Opener

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This year the cross country team started their season off with the Eye Opener race. It’s always a good way to start off the season. It gives us an idea on how were starting, and what we need to do to work for a better time throughout the season. This year it was great!  We all met at the school and drove together to the race. When we got there we all helped to set up the tent, and set up the chairs. We first did our warm up, which is running a mile. Once the race began, the girls ran first, then the boys.

After the race was over we all did a cool down lap, and then we helped take down the tent and pack our stuff up and take it back to the cars. Overall I think the race went well. We all had fun and ran the best we could.



Christian History Presentation

In our Christian history class on Tuesday, September 18th, we had a presentation. Mrs. Codington split us up into pairs.  We had to make a presentation on a story from the Bible that demonstrated one of the three themes of mercy, justice, and the need for a savior. I did my story about Joseph being sold as a slave by his jealous brothers so my theme was mercy. We had to do our presentations on Google slides, so that way in class we could pull it up on Mrs. Codington’s computer to present. On Tuesday we did our presentations. I think it all went really well and everyone did a great job on their presentations.