Middle School Trip to Mt. Vernon and Washington DC

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Next week our middle school students are going on their trip to Mt. Vernon and Washington DC. The students will get to go do many fun activities and tours including a special tour of the White House and Pentagon. The room arrangements and day groups will be announced on Tuesday when they arrive in DC.



Tuesday- Leave School, Tour Mt. Vernon

Wednesday- Tour the White House, Visit Arlington Cemetery, Go to the Smithsonian Museums, WW2 and Vietnam Memorials

Thursday-Go to Ford Theatre, Tour the Pentagon,  Go to U.S. Capital, Go to Union Station

Friday- Return to school


Note: Students have been asked to not wear athletic clothes or leggings on Wednesday and Thursday since they will be touring the White House and Pentagon. They have been encouraged to wear dressy clothes for these tours.



5th Grade Overnight Field Trip

This year, the fifth grade has their annual Charleston trip. The class will leave from Laurens Academy at 7:45, Tuesday March 26th. They will arrive at Middleton Place around 11 o’clock. Middleton Place will provide bag lunches for the students and then they will take classes and go on a tour of the place. After Middleton Place, the class will go and take the Road to Civil War Tour at Old Exchange Building. After they are done taking tours, they will check into their hotel, get dinner, and do devotions. Wednesday morning, fifth grade will get to go on a carriage ride around downtown Charleston. They’ll also go to the Market and shop, get Chick-fila for lunch, and go to Fort Sumter. After Fort Sumter they will go to the Civil War and Class at the Charleston Museum. Wednesday afternoon they will depart for Laurens Academy and arrive back that night. I’m sure they will have loads of fun!

2019 Basketball State Championship

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This past weekend, our varsity basketball girls had the opportunity to win a second state championship. The girls played Dorchester Academy at Sumter County Civics Center. Friday the team traveled up to Sumter to spend the night as a team before the game Saturday morning. Saturday at eleven o’clock the girls tipped off. The girls played some outstanding defense Saturday and held Dorchester to no points in the third quarter. I know that the team appreciates how many people came out to watch the them get a second state championship. When the fourth quarter buzzer sounded the team went crazy. The girls all ran to the middle of the court and celebrated! The girls all got a medal and a piece of the basketball net. The girls team is also the only basketball team at LA to win two state championships in a row.


Kindergarten Pow Wow

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The kindergarten classes have been learning all about different Native American tribes. The K-4 class has been learning about the Cherokee Native American tribe. The class learned about where the Cherokees lived, what they ate, the clothes they wore and other things like that. They have learned several songs to help them memorize and share this information with others. The K-5 has been learning about the Wampanoag tribe. They have also memorized a few songs about the tribe. They will do a performance to show off what they have learned at our annual “Pow Wow” on Friday, November 16. The kids will perform some of the songs they’ve learned using props and costumes in front of their parents.. At the end of the Pow Wow, they will enjoy a feast of foods like turkey, cornbread, pumpkin pie, beans, nuts, berries and other foods. 


Varsity Volleyball State

Image result for volleyball clip artThe varsity volleyball team went to the state tournament in Myrtle Beach this past weekend. The team left on Thursday right after school. Their first game was Friday morning against Conway Christian. The Laurens varsity team won that game. The second game our varsity girls played was against Beaufort Academy. The team worked very hard but unfortunately lost. The next and final game played on Friday was a big success! The players did an amazing job. Saturday morning the team took on Wardlaw. The girls took Wardlaw to three. They fought hard and hustled the entire game but unfortunately lost in the third set. Thank you to everyone that went down and supported the girls! I know the team made some amazing memories and cannot wait for next season.


Middle School Look Up Lodge Trip

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This year, the Laurens Academy middle schools annual Look Up Lodge field trip will be on the 12th of October. Look Up Lodge has always been a fun trip for the middle school. However, for some students (the eighth grade) this will be their last trip to Look Up with the school. Going to Look Up Lodge as an eighth grader is lots of fun but it can also be very sad. It is fun because you get to be their with your friends, be the oldest class there, and have tons of fun. It can be sad because it is your last time going to Look Up Lodge. The eighth grade class will miss all of the fun activities at Look Up Lodge such as the giant swing, the water slide, the zip line, canoeing on the lake, and worship.


Student Council 2018

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The Laurens Academy student body recently selected their representatives. The student council this year includes:


  • Kerington Armstrong
  • Morgan Marlett
  • Florence Mitchell


  • Isabella Hucks
  • Ruta Patel
  • Katelyn Suttles


  • Brantley Armstrong
  • Julia Katherine Marlett
  • Jonas Smith


  • Emily Abercrombie
  • Payton Breen
  • Colton McGee

The representatives are voted for by their class. The students on student council decide things like ideas for school events, merchandise designs, and help out at school functions. So far student council has had two meetings. We had to vote on Spirit Week ideas and design the homecoming shirts. They believe that the students will like their decisions. We look forward to coming up with creative things for our student body this school year!



LA Middle School Volleyball Team 2018

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This year there are three sixth graders, six seventh graders, and two eighth graders on the middle school volleyball team. The team is coached by Lisa Suttles and Heather Sherman. Coach Suttles suffered from a back injury at the beginning of the season. For the first few weeks of the season the middle school team was coached by Coach Sherman. We are all very happy Coach Suttles is back and getting better. The season has gone pretty well so far.  The team is undefeated in the region as of right now. They have only lost one non-region game as of right now. I’m sure we are all very excited to see how far they will go in the region and hopefully they will make it to the region tournament.