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This years Laurens Academy softball team is coached by Shannon Reynolds and Megan Huck. We will have a junior varsity and a varsity team. The coaches have split up the teams into two by the players age and by the players grade so the middle school girls along with some of the 9th and 10th grade girls are one the JV team and the upperclassmen ( the juniors and the seniors ) are on the LA varsity softball team. So far this season, the varsity pitcher is 10th grader Julia Marlett and the designated catcher is 9th grader Penelope Kerber. Each team has about ten people on each team and both teams can not wait any longer for the Laurens Academy 2019 softball season.



9th grade science experiment

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The ninth grade class takes a physical science class and we do quite a bit of experiments. Recently, we did a distance project. The class got into groups of three. We each had a stopwatch and yard stick. We measured out five meters and took turns seeing how long it took each of us walking five meters. My time was four point six seconds After that we saw how many steps we could take within five seconds. I took a whole twenty six steps within the  five seconds. The groups one by one sat down after they were done with the project and they all discussed their results. The experiment taught us about speed, distance and time.

Softball Field day

Last weekend, softball coaches Shannon Reynolds and Megan Huck held a softball practice with friends and family. The catching equipment came in and everyone  had a wonderful time hanging out and practicing. We had a great turn out and it went very well, we had the Huck family, Kenny and Lisa Langston, Mckenzie Haupfear, Olivia Suttles, Rylee Baylard, and Addison Manley. The team pitched, threw the ball, practiced playing catcher, and had a great time all around. The softball season starts in the spring and we are glad for our coaches who find ways to have fun! Everyone who went had a great time and congratulated each other afterwards. We can not wait for the season to start!

Softball Catch up and Clean up


Softball season isn’t starting until  spring but we got an early start on cleaning up the field. Coaches Shannon Reynolds and Megan Huck, several softball players and some of their families met Saturday at the field to clean up. We raked, pulled up weeds and worked the diamond so we could see it. It took a few hours of tough work in the sweltering heat but it was all worth it in the end. We had a nice size turnout to come and help. Coach Reynolds and Coach Huck both encouraged us to help, we even got to take a little break and throw the ball too. The season will be a great one with a beautiful field and I can’t wait for it to start.

LA Homecoming 2018

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Laurens Academy 2018 Homecoming Court has been picked for each grade and we’re all so excited! The 9th grade Homecoming court nominees are Payton Breen, Sarah Grace Natiello, and Emily Abercrombie. The 10th grade Homecoming court nominees are Audrey Noffz, Julia K. Marlett,and Brantley Armstrong. The 11th grade Homecoming court nominees are Katelyn Suttles, Reagan Williamson, and Blair Quarles. The 12th grade Homecoming nominees are Kerington Armstrong, Florence Mitchell, Morgan Marlett, and Julia Kerber. Each high-school class votes for three people and the whole high-school votes on princesses for each grade out of those three. When the whole school votes we have one princess for each grade and one queen for the seniors. Everyone can’t wait to see all of these beautiful ladies on Friday! 



The New Freshman

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Some of you may know me, but if you don’t, my name is Elissa Hucks (yes, Isabella’s sister). I’ve been home-schooled for the past 5 years and this is my first year back in a school setting. So far it has been fun, the people in 9th grade are all nice. It is different waking up at 6:45 every morning. I used to wake up at 8 o’clock every day and it was so nice. Science is my favorite class so far, I’ve always enjoyed science. School has never been my favorite, but Laurens Academy has made it much more enjoyable. Classes here teach me something new every day. Coming here has been a great help to me with not just school but also getting to know people better.