Clemson Football Camp

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This year the varsity football team is going to a football camp at Clemson University. They will be staying in the dorms located at the university. Everyone will be choosing a position and focusing on that position with that position coach. Later in the week they will all be doing 1 on 1’s. We will be doing a devotional daily. This camp is a non-contact camp, so we will not be needing any pads or helmets. The camp is not just open to Clemson fans. It is available to any athlete working to get better. The schedule will most likely consist of something like a three hour practice in the morning, an hour long lunch break, followed by watching film, and then more activities. The Crusader football team is looking forward to this camp!




Dollywood Packing Plan


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If you are going on the Dollywood trip, a few of the things you should pack are as follows. You should pack three days worth of nice clothes to wear outside. Make sure to pack a pair of tennis shoes because of the amount we will be walking. Sunscreen is recommended just in case. You could also bring a water bottle for the long trips. Chargers and things to do while we are there would also be a nice thing to have. You might want to bring a jacket just in case because the high while we will be up there is around 77°F and a low of 43°F. Also make sure you bring a few of your many favorite snacks for your long car trip. 


Allergy Season

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Spring is finally here! The weather is getting nicer, the air is getting warmer, and the plants are finally blooming. However there are some downsides to this nicer weather. With all of the nice plants coming around this time of year, allergies are sure to follow. Most people are allergic to pollen which can lead to symptoms such as sinus pressure, runny noses, watery eyes, scratch throat, and coughing. There are different types of allergies too. Some may be from certain types of plants or animal fur.  Some allergies can last as long as the months of January through October. There are certain types of medicine made to specifically prevent these kind of symptoms. You can find simple allergy medications in any pharmacy, like Walgreens or CVS. Hopefully your allergy season isn’t full of pain.


Clay Shooting Event


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This past Saturday, Laurens Academy’s Sporting Clay team had a competition. The team consists of Tristan Bates, Dimitri Wells, Jonas Smith, Hunter Mullinax, Zachary Mullinax, Reles Littleton, Brantley Armstrong, Ethan Shultz, Lindsey Burroughs, and Kerington Armstrong. Our coaches are Mary Littleton and James Tindall. The teams are usually broken down into groups of three people around the same level of skill. My team consisted of Zachary, Hunter, and myself. The other boy team was Reles, Jonas, and Ethan. The girl’s team was Brantley, Lindsey, and Kerington. My teammates scored rather well. Zachary scored 38 out of 100 while Hunter and myself scored a 59 out of 100. This course was unlike any one we’d ever seen before. Some of the clays would shoot into the sky at a million miles an hour. Others would come flying around a corner out of nowhere. All-in-all this was a rather challenging course.


LA Thanksgiving Dinner

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Next week, on the 14th of November, the LA cafeteria staff will be preparing a lovely thanksgiving meal for students and faculty. The dinner will consist of many delicious home cooked vittles, such as, turkey, potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls, mac and cheese, sweet potato cobbler, and last but not least some tasty apple pie.  We have nobody to thanks but Mrs. Tammy Tollison and Mr. Jimmy Powers for putting this feast they have planned for us together. All of us students are counting down the hours to enjoy this wonderful meal!