Softball Senior Night

The Laurens Academy softball teams played their last home game on Monday night. The seniors were recognized between the JV and varsity games. The seniors on the varsity team were Florence Mitchell, Hannah Stribling, Mattie Noffz, Julia Kerber, Morgan Marlett, and Lindsey Burroughs. It was senior night, and the teams played hard. The junior varsity won their game by 10 in a 10-0 win. This is one of the only if not the only game that they have shut out a team. They played exceptional defense and offense in the game. The varsity was a different story. They unfortunately lost their game but they played hard. They tried their best but couldn’t get anything going. It was a tough loss but they tried their best. We wish our seniors the best!



Math project

Image result for pyramid geometryIn 9th grade, Miss Gibbs is assigning the class a project which is coming up in May.The project is going to be done in class over the course of three to four days. We will create pyramids to put on her door. We will have to find the base, surface area, slant height, and the volume to create the pyramid. After that we will be able to decorate our pyramids however we want. I think this will be a fun project and a great way for some students to bring up their grade!


Auction Recap

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This past Saturday, Laurens Academy help their annual spring auction. The auction was a huge success and many people showed up to participate in buying some items. There were multiple sections for the silent auction as well as a raffle and a live auction at the end. There were many interesting items for suction including each of the class baskets. They served burgers and chips for the meal and everyone had a great time. Brandon McGee was the auctioneer for the live auction which was also a huge success. All-around, the spring auction was a bigger success this year than it has been in  a long time. People are already looking forward to the next time Laurens  Academy has another auction whenever that may be.


PB&J Project

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The ninth grade computer class will be starting on a project on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The class is supposed to make a powerpoint about how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich starting next week. After the class has made their powerpoints, they will present them to the rest of their classmates.  Once everyone has presented, there will be a party. Everyone is going to make their own sandwich and have a great time. Even though the class is not going to start on it until next week, they are already looking forward to making and eating their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Many people have started thinking about what they are going to do for their powerpoint to make it creative.



Magic Man

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A few weeks ago the Laurens Academy students got a nice treat. During chapel one Friday the famous magician David Garrard came to perform. He was on a TV show called Fool Us and has performed many times all across the country. When he came to chapel he did a few tricks. They included a card trick, a newspaper trick, a rope trick, and the legendary straight jacket trick. He did the straight jacket in under three whole minutes with barely four seconds to spare. Harry Houdini, the most famous magician ever, was not able to do it in fifteen minutes and David did it in under three! The entire upper school was amazed by his magic. He even had three volunteers participate in his performance. Everyone really liked the show.




Tough Loss

See the source imageThe Laurens Academy boys basketball team suffered a tough loss this past Saturday in the SCISA state playoffs. They played the number three seed as they were the number two seed. The boys played Dorchester Academy and lost by two. The score was 49-47 and everyone was devastated. This game does not at all define the way that the boys played this season, they have battled the entire season and have had great results like a winning record and region tournament champions. Overall the boys have had a very successful season and everyone is really proud of what they accomplished this season. The returning players are already looking forward to the next season.



Math Meet

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Laurens Academy just competed in the SCISA High School Math Meet this past Tuesday. The members of the Laurens Academy team were as follows: In 12th Grade, the people who competed were Hannah Stribling and Lindsey Burroughs. In 11th Grade,  Ruta Patel, Blair Quarles, Jared Jin, Jennifer Wu, and Isabella Hucks competed. There were only two 10th graders and one 9th grader. 10th graders were Brantley Armstrong and Sunny Li. The only 9th grader who competed was Colton McGee. The team had a good time going and competing for the school. Team one for Laurens Academy won tenth place over all the teams there. Sunny, Hannah, and Ruta all one individual awards for the highest score on their teams. I think they can all agree that going to the math meet was a really fun experience for everyone.


Newberry Tournament

See the source imageThe varsity boys basketball team played in a tournament December 21 and 22. The team played two games against Northside Christian and South Aiken Baptist. The team gave a good effort the first night and played hard but lost to Northside Christian. After that loss the boys were very disappointed but knew that they had to recover back after that loss and they did. The second night was a really close game. The boys played exceptionally well and the game was neck and neck the whole way. The boys played good defense and good offense which resulted in them coming away with a one point win against South Aiken Baptist. It was a great game and everyone had a great time playing in the games.


LA Varsity Basketball Scrimmage

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The Laurens Academy varsity boys basketball team played Woodruff High School in a scrimmage last Thursday. The team played well and technically there was no winner. There were five ten minutes quarters and the score reset each quarter. The entire team got an opportunity to play so everyone got some game experience. The starters for the game were Noah Moore, Dawson Foster, Charlton McCall, Luke Kerber, and Thomas Lowry while the rest of the team came off of the bench. Cal Robertson, Diamonte Grant, Colton McGee, and Will Jones all played several minutes in that game as well. The team fought hard and everyone had a great time. The team is already looking forward to their next scrimmage at Northside Christian and Tuesday, November 13.





Coach’s Thoughts

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The Laurens Academy Volleyball had a great season this year. Even though they had some ups and downs, the volleyball players played excellent. The volleyball team made it to the quarterfinals of the state tournament then lost to Wardlaw, who is going to the championship. The coach, Shannon McGee, said that she was so proud of the way that they played as a team and with great sportsmanship. She says that she was very impressed with the way that they stepped up and played together even when they were facing adversity. She said that it was a pleasure being their coach and will miss the seniors dearly. She loves the volleyball players and they love her. The ones that are not graduating are already excited for the next season of volleyball. 



Christian History Paper


The ninth grade class is starting a project for Christian History. They are writing a paper on minor prophets such as Jonah, Daniel, Hosea etc. Along with the paper, the students are required to have a visual aid. This can be a power point, poster, or they can dress up as their prophet and give a speech. The entire class is already coming up with their ideas of what they are going to do for their project. The paper is due Monday, October 15, so the students are working hard to get their papers done. I, personally, am doing the book of Jonah. I am doing a speech for my visual aid along with the paper I am writing. It is going to be very fun doing the speech and I am looking forward to it.


Laurens Academy Buddy Class

The first Laurens Academy buddy class was excellent. Everyone had a great time making the paper hands. They traced their hand and cut it out. One each finger you would write something about your grandparents that you enjoyed doing with them, or you would write qualities that they have that you like. On the palm, you would write your name so that your grandparent could identify your hand. It was a very enjoyable time and a great way to start off this year’s buddy classes. All of the upper school enjoys going to buddy class and spending time with the younger students. All of the students are already looking forward to the next time buddy class meets. I am sure the next one will be as good or even better than this one.

Laurens Academy FCA



The first high school FCA at Laurens Academy was amazing! The speaker was the FCA director over the upstate counties named Andy Rousey. He spoke about working hard will not get you to Heaven. You have to rely on God and put your faith in Him. You can not rely on your good deeds and hard work to please God. You have to believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was raised from the dead. It was a great speech to start off FCA for this year. We ended the first FCA of high school with Mrs Sandy Moore’s famous cookies which everyone loves. All of the high school loves going to FCA every year and surely high school will love this year just as much!