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Easter is one of the best holidays ever to me. The reason we celebrate Easter is because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love Jesus that is why we are here to tell about him. He died on the cross for us to forgive our sins. He also loves us all so much no matter if you are good or evil. He loves us all no matter what. But what he does not like is sin. Sin is awful it causes pain, hate, and sadness. Thankfully, if you believe in God and ask him to forgive your sins you will be saved. I love Easter for this reason.
















Valentine’s Day Candy on Sale

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Valentine’s Day is over but the candy is on sale which is cool because everyone loves candy. It is on sale for like 50% off or more!. Valentines day candy is good because  it is mostly chocolate. I love candy but I don’t really like the holiday though. I do not get the point of it. Not only is the candy on sale but all the valentines day stuff is on sale like decorations flowers, blankets, and much more. The stuff is great I just do not like the holiday. It’s too mushy for me!