The Reason the Bunny is a Symbol for Easter

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Many people don’t stop to think about why a bunny symbolizes Easter, even though it’s completely different from the reason of celebration around this time. Rabbits around the time of Jesus’s death and resurrection are nowhere in the Bible. Some people think that the bunny tradition came from old pagan beliefs and events around spring. There was a goddess the pagans worshiped on the festival of Eostre that celebrated fertility. Her symbol was a bunny, which makes sense because of the commonly known idea that rabbits breed very fast. This theory may not be true, but it makes some sense as to why the bunny may be used as the symbol for Easter. Eggs are also a popular symbol on the event of Easter. Eggs were often eaten on Easter, because people would give up the food through Lent. Another reason could be that eggs are a symbol of life. These reasons for the symbols of Easter are just theories but could have some truth and are worth looking into.