Easter Egg Tips

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Easter egg dying is a tradition in my family. Every year, we go to my grandpa’s house to dye eggs and then go to my grandma’s for dinner. My little brother is old enough to dye eggs now and he’ll need some help. So here are a few tips to help to dye some wonderful looking eggs this year. First off, go to the store and get some vinegar and dying tablets, you can get packs of them or dying kits, whatever works for you and your family. Then heat up the vinegar and put the tablets in them, let the, sit in till fully dissolved. Next you can put cute shapes on them with a white crayon or stickers, then put the eggs in the color. You can do different sides! Use a tool to dip the eggs rather than submerge them fully and let them sit in it for about 30 seconds, take them out and peel the stickers and/or dip them back in. Let them dry fully for about 15 minutes and voila!