Clay Shooting Event


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This past Saturday, Laurens Academy’s Sporting Clay team had a competition. The team consists of Tristan Bates, Dimitri Wells, Jonas Smith, Hunter Mullinax, Zachary Mullinax, Reles Littleton, Brantley Armstrong, Ethan Shultz, Lindsey Burroughs, and Kerington Armstrong. Our coaches are Mary Littleton and James Tindall. The teams are usually broken down into groups of three people around the same level of skill. My team consisted of Zachary, Hunter, and myself. The other boy team was Reles, Jonas, and Ethan. The girl’s team was Brantley, Lindsey, and Kerington. My teammates scored rather well. Zachary scored 38 out of 100 while Hunter and myself scored a 59 out of 100. This course was unlike any one we’d ever seen before. Some of the clays would shoot into the sky at a million miles an hour. Others would come flying around a corner out of nowhere. All-in-all this was a rather challenging course.