Middle School Dance

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On Saturday, February 16th, Laurens Academy’s middle school students are invited to the Sweetheart Dance. It is a semi formal dance planned by some of the school staff, like Mrs. Suttles. It will take place in the gym in the late evening. Since the theme is centered around Valentines Day, the part of the gym used as the dance floor will be decorated with pink, red, and white streamers and balloons. There will be food, like cookies and cupcakes or finger foods, and drinks like sodas and fruit juices. The dance is for students who go to Laurens Academy, however outside guests are allowed to come with people as well. On top of the kids who go, there will be a few parents and staff chaperones. Most of the girls in middle school are pretty excited and have already started looking at dresses, but some of the boys are going to need some convincing to get them to go.