Math Meet

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Laurens Academy just competed in the SCISA High School Math Meet this past Tuesday. The members of the Laurens Academy team were as follows: In 12th Grade, the people who competed were Hannah Stribling and Lindsey Burroughs. In 11th Grade,  Ruta Patel, Blair Quarles, Jared Jin, Jennifer Wu, and Isabella Hucks competed. There were only two 10th graders and one 9th grader. 10th graders were Brantley Armstrong and Sunny Li. The only 9th grader who competed was Colton McGee. The team had a good time going and competing for the school. Team one for Laurens Academy won tenth place over all the teams there. Sunny, Hannah, and Ruta all one individual awards for the highest score on their teams. I think they can all agree that going to the math meet was a really fun experience for everyone.