Annual Struggle

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It’s an annual occurrence: people come back from Christmas break to find themselves struggling to latch on to what was once a daily routine. Students and teachers alike trudge down the hallways in exhaustion. Once you get out of the swing of school life, it can be hard to latch back onto such a rigorous schedule. Homework, tests, and simply getting up early can throw a kink into anybody’s schedule. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks to adjust back to school life. However, there is good news; the lag will fade eventually. At some point, everyone gets back into their normal routine. What are the best ways to get back up to speed? Coffee is great for those who enjoy it, and hot tea is the British equivalent. Sleeping well and getting plenty of it can also contribute to a faster “recovery.” Trying to keep a positive attitude also helps one recover. One should keep their notes neat, maybe even get a new notebook. But however well you recover this time, there’s always the summer lag to deal with next.