Elementary Christmas Concert

See the source imageComing up on December 13, Laurens Academy will host their annual elementary school Christmas concert.  The concert will be performed by grades 4K through fifth grade.  It will begin with various children from the older elementary grades showcasing their piano skills.  Next, the 4K and 5K classes will sing Christmas tunes like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  The older grades will sing more traditional Christmas songs like Mary Did You Know and Silent Night. The concert will also feature some Christmas music history that will be told as the night goes on.  Some kids have earned spots to sing in small groups, solos, trios, and duets while others will read to the crowd.  The older grades will get to showcase their acquired skills that they have learned throughout the first semester on the xylophone.  After the show comes to a conclusion, the Laurens Academy staff will be serving cookies and milk for the children and their families.  Mrs. Owens, the music teacher, and the elementary children have put in loads of hard work and hope to see a big crowd attend their show!