Kindergarten Pow Wow

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The kindergarten classes have been learning all about different Native American tribes. The K-4 class has been learning about the Cherokee Native American tribe. The class learned about where the Cherokees lived, what they ate, the clothes they wore and other things like that. They have learned several songs to help them memorize and share this information with others. The K-5 has been learning about the Wampanoag tribe. They have also memorized a few songs about the tribe. They will do a performance to show off what they have learned at our annual “Pow Wow” on Friday, November 16. The kids will perform some of the songs they’ve learned using props and costumes in front of their parents.. At the end of the Pow Wow, they will enjoy a feast of foods like turkey, cornbread, pumpkin pie, beans, nuts, berries and other foods.