Spirit Week


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Homecoming is approaching. That means that Spirit week is almost here too. Every year, on the week of Homecoming, we have Spirit week. Spirit week is when everyone dresses up according to a theme. Every year there is a different theme and this year there are a lot of cool ones. Pajama day is every year, and this year it is on Monday. You can dress up in your slippers, onesies , or your favorite pajamas. On Tuesday we are doing Biker vs. Surfer day. Everyone will either dress up as a biker or a surfer. On Wednesday it’s Decade Day. For this day there is a lot of stuff you can do. You can dress up how you want from any decade. Thursday it is Safari Day. This day will be especially fun for the younger kids, since they can dress up as one of their favorite animals. The last day on Friday will be Wacky Tacky Spirit Day. This is a mixture of Wacky Tacky Day and Spirit day. Wacky Tacky day is when you dress up crazy. You can wear do whatever, such as: crazy hair, mismatched socks, different shoes. It’s fun to see how weird everyone dresses. Spirit day is when you dress up in school colors and show your school spirit. This year it’s combined so you can dress crazy and show your school spirit. It’s going to be a very exciting Spirit Week and I can’t wait to see how everyone dresses up.