Hype Videos

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Jesse Tarver’s videos are the best hype videos out there. If you don’t know Jesse, he is the “Voice of The Crusaders.” He knows how to edit and make them look very good very good on social media. But spoiler alert the best hype video is coming soon with the receivers and the backs.  The reason it’s so late in the season is because its homecoming.  On homecoming the crusaders are facing off head to head vs the eagles from Richard Winn.  Last week was the linesman video and it was pretty good and had a theme of hurricane Florence.  The receivers are Dawson Foster, Charlton McCall, Kenny Langston, Cal Robertson, Diamonte Grant, Will Jones, and  Clarence Bertoli.  For homecoming we have spirit week and we need every fan in Laurens county there Friday night for homecoming and look forward to the receiver video friday afternoon.