The Legend of the Candy Cane

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When you think of Christmas many things probably come to mind. Maybe presents, Christmas trees, the nativity, and of course, candy canes. Candy canes are seen everywhere this time of year. You can find them in stores, in gift bags, and in many decorations. But, we forget that candy canes are more than just a minty decoration, they are symbolic.The candy cane, created first in the 18th century, was a way ingenious way  to share the love of Christ during this period in Europe which oppressed the public display of Christianity. The “J” shape of the candy cane represents the shepherd’s staff which characterizes Jesus as the great Shepherd. The shape also stands for the “J” in Jesus. The red stripes of the candy cane signify the blood Jesus shed on the cross for our sins, by His stripes we are healed. The white of the candy cane is for the sanctification of our sins and the holiness of Jesus.


Elementary Christmas Concert

See the source imageComing up on December 13, Laurens Academy will host their annual elementary school Christmas concert.  The concert will be performed by grades 4K through fifth grade.  It will begin with various children from the older elementary grades showcasing their piano skills.  Next, the 4K and 5K classes will sing Christmas tunes like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  The older grades will sing more traditional Christmas songs like Mary Did You Know and Silent Night. The concert will also feature some Christmas music history that will be told as the night goes on.  Some kids have earned spots to sing in small groups, solos, trios, and duets while others will read to the crowd.  The older grades will get to showcase their acquired skills that they have learned throughout the first semester on the xylophone.  After the show comes to a conclusion, the Laurens Academy staff will be serving cookies and milk for the children and their families.  Mrs. Owens, the music teacher, and the elementary children have put in loads of hard work and hope to see a big crowd attend their show!




See the source imageExams are an important part of a student’s life. They teach you to learn how to recall information that was taught earlier in the year. Students at Laurens academy take two sets exams: one set halfway through the year right before winter break and the other at the end of the year before summer break. Many people stress over exams, but if you are prepared they are not too bad. One way to make sure you will be ready is to be organized throughout the year, and to keep track of your information. When exams get close, you can pull out your study guides, homework, and old tests to study easily. Another way is to randomly take out old notes and glance over them during the year, even when exams are not very close. Using these tips, students may be able to be more prepared for the exams coming up soon.




LA Varsity Basketball Scrimmage

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The Laurens Academy varsity boys basketball team played Woodruff High School in a scrimmage last Thursday. The team played well and technically there was no winner. There were five ten minutes quarters and the score reset each quarter. The entire team got an opportunity to play so everyone got some game experience. The starters for the game were Noah Moore, Dawson Foster, Charlton McCall, Luke Kerber, and Thomas Lowry while the rest of the team came off of the bench. Cal Robertson, Diamonte Grant, Colton McGee, and Will Jones all played several minutes in that game as well. The team fought hard and everyone had a great time. The team is already looking forward to their next scrimmage at Northside Christian and Tuesday, November 13.





LA Thanksgiving Dinner

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Next week, on the 14th of November, the LA cafeteria staff will be preparing a lovely thanksgiving meal for students and faculty. The dinner will consist of many delicious home cooked vittles, such as, turkey, potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls, mac and cheese, sweet potato cobbler, and last but not least some tasty apple pie.  We have nobody to thanks but Mrs. Tammy Tollison and Mr. Jimmy Powers for putting this feast they have planned for us together. All of us students are counting down the hours to enjoy this wonderful meal!


Thanksgiving Traditions

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Thanksgiving is a big holiday in the United States. There are a lot of different traditions that we celebrate. Most people cook a big meal and invite family and friends. Other people will gather around the TV to watch sports. Some people watch the parade on TV, and some go watch it in person. A lot of people travel too, visiting family.  Food is mostly associated with this holiday. Even though we enjoy eating food, the holiday is about being thankful. There are also traditions about being thankful around this time. Such as: people going around the table and saying on thing they are thankful for, or saying things you’re thankful for the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Some people might read some bible passages. No matter what you do on Thanksgiving, we have to remember what the holiday is for, giving thanks.





9th Grade Bake Sale Project

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The 9th grade Christian History class had a bake sale to raise money for third world families in need of food through a program called Samaritan’s Purse. This sale will help the families by gathering money to buy them a goat, a cow, chickens, or other animals that would be useful by providing them with food they can eat and sell. This bake sale took place from the 29th of October through the 1st of November. It was so successful that we decided to have another bake sale during the week of November 12th and go through the 16th. We raised over 70 dollars in our first sale by selling a variety of cookies, brownies, and snacks. The class hopes to collect even more money for the program in the upcoming week. Everyone has some ideas to raise more money and we look forward to using those in the next few weeks.



Former Student Joins the Navy


Former student Jack Kerber joined the Navy this past year. Before he came to Laurens Academy he was homeschooled. He attended Laurens Academy for his eighth grade year throughout his senior year. He graduated in may 2016. Since graduation, Jack went to Greenville Tech and worked at General Electric. He decided he wanted something more, so he decided to follow his grandfather’s footsteps and join the Navy. He first went through bootcamp in Chicago which was hard but he had a good time and made some new friends. He is now in school in a Naval Academy in Charleston. I am sure he will do great things in his career.

Kindergarten Pow Wow

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The kindergarten classes have been learning all about different Native American tribes. The K-4 class has been learning about the Cherokee Native American tribe. The class learned about where the Cherokees lived, what they ate, the clothes they wore and other things like that. They have learned several songs to help them memorize and share this information with others. The K-5 has been learning about the Wampanoag tribe. They have also memorized a few songs about the tribe. They will do a performance to show off what they have learned at our annual “Pow Wow” on Friday, November 16. The kids will perform some of the songs they’ve learned using props and costumes in front of their parents.. At the end of the Pow Wow, they will enjoy a feast of foods like turkey, cornbread, pumpkin pie, beans, nuts, berries and other foods. 


Thanksgiving Break

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Thanksgiving break is coming up soon. There is only a week until the break starts and everyone is really excited! Some students are able to travel so it’s nice not to have to worry about school or homework.  There are many different places to travel near us.  One of the areas you could go is the mountains where you can look across vast open areas where you can relax and feel the cold mountain air. If the mountains aren’t your thing then you can go to the beach where the beach is going to be a lot colder than usual. Then there is thanksgiving where you can take time off with family and friends and talk about how thankful you are for all of them. I hope that everyone enjoys their vacation.

Softball Field day

Last weekend, softball coaches Shannon Reynolds and Megan Huck held a softball practice with friends and family. The catching equipment came in and everyone  had a wonderful time hanging out and practicing. We had a great turn out and it went very well, we had the Huck family, Kenny and Lisa Langston, Mckenzie Haupfear, Olivia Suttles, Rylee Baylard, and Addison Manley. The team pitched, threw the ball, practiced playing catcher, and had a great time all around. The softball season starts in the spring and we are glad for our coaches who find ways to have fun! Everyone who went had a great time and congratulated each other afterwards. We can not wait for the season to start!

Crusaders JV Girls

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This year, the Lady Crusader varsity basketball coaches had to made some tough decisions. Due to the amount of players participating in the varsity program, ninth graders Elissa Hucks and Ivy Codington graciously moved down to join the middle school students and formed a JV team.

The difference in the schedules of the high schoolers and the middle schoolers resulted in a change to the practice schedule. Instead of practicing 2:15 to 3:30 as they typically do, this year the team will practice from 3:30 to 5:00. We all wish the JV girls luck as they will begin their season in the following weeks.

Eighth Grade Field Trip

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On Wednesday, October 31st, Mrs. Codington took the Laurens Academy eighth grade class on a field trip to the Clemson Planetarium for their Earth science class.  The field trip was focused around our solar system and space. While at Clemson, the eighth graders learned about stars, constellations, asteroid belts, other planets,  galaxies, and phases of the moon. They also learned about different theories about space including the possibility of aliens existing. The eighth graders got to go sit inside a dark, big, blow-up dome where they viewed different phases of the moon and look at different constellations.  They ended their field trip with lunch at Wendys in Clemson. The students loved the chance to learn more in depth about our solar system and space with Mrs. Codington in Clemson.






Coach’s Thoughts

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The Laurens Academy Volleyball had a great season this year. Even though they had some ups and downs, the volleyball players played excellent. The volleyball team made it to the quarterfinals of the state tournament then lost to Wardlaw, who is going to the championship. The coach, Shannon McGee, said that she was so proud of the way that they played as a team and with great sportsmanship. She says that she was very impressed with the way that they stepped up and played together even when they were facing adversity. She said that it was a pleasure being their coach and will miss the seniors dearly. She loves the volleyball players and they love her. The ones that are not graduating are already excited for the next season of volleyball. 



Character Day



Every year the elementary school has Character Day. It is on Halloween and every grade does different people. There is a time period each class does, and they dress up as famous people from that time period. The characters normally range from the 1700s to the early 1900s. The fourth grade is doing characters such as: Betsy Ross, Alexander Hamilton, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, and a few others. The third grade is doing characters such as: Andrew Jackson, Dicey Langston, Thomas Sumter, and many others. When you do character day, you also have to research information on your person and make a poster. They also have to give a speech on their character. This experience teaches them about people in the past, and how to research information. Also, how to present a speech in front of people. I think this Character Day is going to be very fun, and it will be cool to see all the costumes.