Summer is Almost Here

Summer is almost here! With final exams coming up and many people ready to be out for the summer most can’t wait for it to be over with. Many people have vacations and lots of fun activities planned for the summer. This summer is almost a week and a half shorter than most and that has many students unhappy. Hopefully the summer will seem to last forever! The beach the, the mountains, small towns, and big cities all are calling people’s names to be done with school and just relax and have fun! So open your pool, head to the lake and get on out there and let the fun roll!



Core Knowledge Day

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It is that time of year! At the end of every school year, first grade through fifth grade have a special day to show what they have learned during the year about a variety of ancient civilizations. Each class has one group of people that they learn about and they are usually split into groups within the class to make posters, dress up, and present. Parents and teachers can walk around to see all the creative setups they all have! This year first grade has Egypt, 2nd grade has Greece, 3rd grade has Rome, 4th grade has Medieval, and 5th grade has the Aztecs, Incas ,and the Mayans! This part of the year is always a huge favorite of many students and teachers. It is such a fun way of showing what you have learned!


Senior College Decisions

See the source imageAll of our seniors have made decisions on where they want to go to college. From our current seniors I’ve heard that we have a variety of choices. Noah and Ruthie had both decided to go the Covenant College. Noah has decided to major in business, however Ruthie is undecided on her major but is going to play basketball. Julia, Hannah, Morgan, Lindsey, and Mattie are all going to Clemson. Hannah has decided to major in engineering while Mattie is planning on majoring in business. Morgan, Lindsey, and Julia have decided to join the veterinary field. Kinsley is going to Columbia College to play volleyball. Both Dawson and Yukti are going to PC. Kerington has decided to join Greenville Tech. Christian is going to Piedmont Tech. Finally, Florence has decided to join Tri County Tech. We know our seniors will continue to make us proud!




A New Addition to the Laurens Academy Family



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Last week, Lucy Marlene Plowden was born. Lucy is the first child of Emily and Travis Plowden. She was born one month early and weighs in over seven pounds. Lucy is a completely healthy baby though. Laurens Academy was very excited to hear that Lucy was on the way. It’s always amazing when someone you know become parents. Lucy is a beautiful baby. I’m sure Lucy will bring lots of joy to her parents and the people around her. Students can’t wait to see her in person. It would be great if she came to sports games and other events at Laurens Academy. We are so excited for the new addition to the Laurens Academy family.

End of the school year mess

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The end of the school year is one of the best and the most stressful times of the year. It’s great because school is almost out for the summer and for our seniors, they are done with highschool. It’s stressful because some people are worrying about college and being ready. Others are worrying about ending the year with good grade. Another stressful thing is how everything is breaking after a long hard year. Just today, my book bag broke and now I need a new one. Two seventh grader’s notebooks broke and a school years worth of paper went everywhere. Between finals approaching and school supplies breaking down, summer can’t get here soon enough!


Clemson Football Camp

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This year the varsity football team is going to a football camp at Clemson University. They will be staying in the dorms located at the university. Everyone will be choosing a position and focusing on that position with that position coach. Later in the week they will all be doing 1 on 1’s. We will be doing a devotional daily. This camp is a non-contact camp, so we will not be needing any pads or helmets. The camp is not just open to Clemson fans. It is available to any athlete working to get better. The schedule will most likely consist of something like a three hour practice in the morning, an hour long lunch break, followed by watching film, and then more activities. The Crusader football team is looking forward to this camp!



Middle School Trip to Mt. Vernon and Washington DC

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Next week our middle school students are going on their trip to Mt. Vernon and Washington DC. The students will get to go do many fun activities and tours including a special tour of the White House and Pentagon. The room arrangements and day groups will be announced on Tuesday when they arrive in DC.



Tuesday- Leave School, Tour Mt. Vernon

Wednesday- Tour the White House, Visit Arlington Cemetery, Go to the Smithsonian Museums, WW2 and Vietnam Memorials

Thursday-Go to Ford Theatre, Tour the Pentagon,  Go to U.S. Capital, Go to Union Station

Friday- Return to school


Note: Students have been asked to not wear athletic clothes or leggings on Wednesday and Thursday since they will be touring the White House and Pentagon. They have been encouraged to wear dressy clothes for these tours.


Lady Crusaders Visit State House

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Last Wednesday, May 1, 2019, the 2018/2019 Lady Crusader varsity basketball team visited the South Carolina State House and were recognized by the House of Representatives. The girls were brought in front of the representatives on the front floor and recognized for their 2019 SCISA 1A  Varsity Girls Basketball State Championship back on February 23, 2019 at the Sumter Civic Center. Representative Mark Willis and Senator Danny Verdin introduced the team and recognized them on their championship along with other accomplishments they have achieved these last four years. Senior Ruthie Moore was recognized for scoring over 2000 points, being named to both the all-state team and all-region team, playing in the north/south all-star game, being named SCISA state player of the year, and the 2019 SCISA Miss Basketball. Juniors Blair Quarles, Reagan Williamson, and Jennifer Wu were also recognized for being named to the all-state team.  Representative Willis congratulated the team on all their accomplishments and presented them with their resolution stating their accomplishments for the season. Along with being recognized on the floor, the team was given a tour around the State House and enjoyed lunch at California Dreaming after.

Ninth grade computer project

Image result for computer projectThe ninth grade is doing several school projects and one of them includes a project in our computer class. The project consists of a powerpoint, an  Open House flyer, and summary about why a new person in town should choose to send their kid to Laurens Academy. The project powerpoint has to be fifteen slides long and needs to have information regarding the clubs and sports Laurens has to offer, different class options, and different school events during the school year. The Open House flyer has to include times and reasons why a parent and child should tour the school. The summary has to explain to the reader why they should send their child to Laurens Academy and list our many opportunities and accomplishments. This is a great way for us to learn the history of our school and also discuss the many reasons we love LA!


Teacher Appreciation Week

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Teacher appreciation week is all about showing our teachers at school how much we value them. Students sometimes will make or bring things for their teachers and the administrative staff at the school will provide special stuff for them to enjoy during the week. This week celebrates teachers everywhere as a national holiday in the United States. At Laurens Academy, teachers are given different gifts each day. On Monday, teachers got donuts. On Tuesday, they are given a snack in their mailbox. On Wednesday, they are treated with a lunch upstairs consisting of chicken tenders, mac and cheese, green beans, rolls, and tea. Thursday is when they will be given goodie bags. On Friday, they will get cookies. The week of teacher appreciation is very important to show our teachers how much we love them!


Camp Greenville

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The eighth grade will soon embark on their annual Camp Greenville trip. The trip will be the last field trip that is exclusive to one grade level. The class will enjoy hiking, playing sports, making s’mores, and simply being together. The class will also get their own cabins. Mrs. Codington will be the only teacher accompanying the class. The camp will be a great opportunity for the class to bond. However, the eighth grade class is already very close, since they number so few. The class will be able to look back at this trip for years to come and remember it very fondly. The current ninth grade class remembers their good times. I hope the eighth grade experience only the very best at Camp Greenville.


Softball Senior Night

The Laurens Academy softball teams played their last home game on Monday night. The seniors were recognized between the JV and varsity games. The seniors on the varsity team were Florence Mitchell, Hannah Stribling, Mattie Noffz, Julia Kerber, Morgan Marlett, and Lindsey Burroughs. It was senior night, and the teams played hard. The junior varsity won their game by 10 in a 10-0 win. This is one of the only if not the only game that they have shut out a team. They played exceptional defense and offense in the game. The varsity was a different story. They unfortunately lost their game but they played hard. They tried their best but couldn’t get anything going. It was a tough loss but they tried their best. We wish our seniors the best!


Baseball Senior Night

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Last Thursday, April 25, Laurens Academy’s varsity baseball team hosted their 2019 senior night against W.W. King. Seniors #6 Dawson Foster and #3 Noah Moore were recognized for the countless work, effort, and leadership they have put in during their time as a Crusader baseball player. Dawson Foster, the outfielder and catcher when needed, has been playing baseball for five years at Laurens Academy. Along with baseball, Dawson has also participated in football, cross country, and basketball during his time at Laurens Academy. Dawson will further his education at either Presbyterian College in the fall. Noah Moore, the third baseman and outfielder, has played baseball two years for the Crusaders. Moore has also participated in football and basketball. Noah with begin college at Covenant in the fall alongside his twin sister, Ruthie Moore.

Laurens Academy 2019 Prom

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It’s the time of year again for prom. Prom is an exciting night for the eleventh and twelfth graders. This year, prom will be on May 18th at the Westin Poinsett in Greenville. Dinner will be served at the hotel before the dance starts. There will also be a parent reception before dinner at 5:30. Dinner will be at 7:00 and the dance will start around 8:00 and will go to 11:30. It will be a magical night for the students and their dates. The theme is masquerade, so it should be really cool to see what everyone puts together. It will a night to be remembered and will be an amazing experience, especially for the seniors. This years prom might be the best one yet.

Exam Preparation

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It’s almost time to wrap up this school year and that brings along with it final exams. There are a lot of different ways that you could prepare for exams in the next few weeks. The key to doing very well on exams is to always be listening to the teacher when they are talking to the class. I think that the most important thing to do when you are preparing for the exams is that you always take great notes but not only that but you make sure that you keep a tight grip onto your notes. You can not do well on an exam if you lose them. I hope that everyone does great on the upcoming exams and always remember to be prepared, get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast on the day of your exams.