Spring Auction Review


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Laurens Academy’s annual spring auction was a huge hit this year. People from all over Laurens County attended the school’s event and fellowshipped with each other . Each student participated in selling raffle tickets for the Keurig, Apple Ipad, Yeti Cooler, $500 cash prize, and Apple airpods.  In past years, auction baskets created by items brought in by students have been the most popular and highest bidded on objects but, this year brought a change. This year’s highest bidded on and most popular auction items were the parking passes. Three passes were bought by parents for their student to park by the gym.  The other passes were for volleyball and basketball parking during the season in front of the gym on game days. Some other popular items were a “Honey Hush” light up sign, Tammy Tollison’s famous homemade bread, gift certificates, Sandy Moore’s delicious chocolate chip cookies, and workout equipment. All together, tis annual spring auction was a huge success.  


Getting It Done


This past week the Crusaders varsity boys pulled out a 7-1 W over Upstate Homeschool. Thomas Lowry pitched a complete game and had many plays that came right back at him. The team hit, arguably, the best they’ve hit all season, as far as getting on base and driving runs in, not leaving people on base. The Crusaders prepare to now face Newberry possibly on Friday over spring break, due to weather conditions. With rival school Newberry coming up the Crusaders hope to be better prepared to face them than last time. Thomas Lowry should be starting on the mound, Newberry’s pitcher is unknown as of now.

Good Friday

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Good Friday is on April 19th which is the Friday before Easter. It is a day to look back on Jesus’ death and crucifixion. Though good Friday may not seem so good because Jesus was beaten, mocked, whipped and killed in a terrible way on that day It shows how much God loves us and that Jesus didn’t suffer for no reason. He loves us and can forgive us from our sins. So though it may seem sad it is but it is also good because it was the day our sins were washed away and we were forgiven.



Easter Egg Tips

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Easter egg dying is a tradition in my family. Every year, we go to my grandpa’s house to dye eggs and then go to my grandma’s for dinner. My little brother is old enough to dye eggs now and he’ll need some help. So here are a few tips to help to dye some wonderful looking eggs this year. First off, go to the store and get some vinegar and dying tablets, you can get packs of them or dying kits, whatever works for you and your family. Then heat up the vinegar and put the tablets in them, let the, sit in till fully dissolved. Next you can put cute shapes on them with a white crayon or stickers, then put the eggs in the color. You can do different sides! Use a tool to dip the eggs rather than submerge them fully and let them sit in it for about 30 seconds, take them out and peel the stickers and/or dip them back in. Let them dry fully for about 15 minutes and voila!



Why We Hunt Easter Eggs

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Easter is a big holiday, especially for Christians. A tradition is hunting Easter eggs, but why do we do it? First off, the Easter egg is a symbol of life and rebirth, representing Jesus’ resurrection. Eggs were originally dyed red to represent Christ’s blood.  Though Easter is a Christian holiday, Easter egg hunts started out as a pagan holiday. This tradition is believed to be started in the 1700s. The Pennsylvania Dutch believed in a egg laying bunny known as Oschter Haws. He would lay eggs, and the children would build nests for the bunny to lay the eggs in. They would then find the eggs he left. The nests turned into the tradition of us using baskets to search for the eggs. Easter egg hunts are a big part of Easter, so we should appreciate the history behind this beloved tradition.


Snow Day


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There has been a very curious incident lately. We have seemed to have gotten a little bit of snow on April 2nd and I have found that out to be quite interesting. However it is not the fluffy white powdery snow that you find during the time of Christmas. This is a wet mushy type of snow that you just can not do anything with. This type of snow is just the worst if it hits the ground and becomes fully solid. Throughout snapchat people have found large wet clumps of snow in the morning hours and people are just fascinated by that fact. This is of course because of the very cold weather in the mornings that South Carolina has had recently. This will however most likely not happen again anytime soon.


The Reason the Bunny is a Symbol for Easter

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Many people don’t stop to think about why a bunny symbolizes Easter, even though it’s completely different from the reason of celebration around this time. Rabbits around the time of Jesus’s death and resurrection are nowhere in the Bible. Some people think that the bunny tradition came from old pagan beliefs and events around spring. There was a goddess the pagans worshiped on the festival of Eostre that celebrated fertility. Her symbol was a bunny, which makes sense because of the commonly known idea that rabbits breed very fast. This theory may not be true, but it makes some sense as to why the bunny may be used as the symbol for Easter. Eggs are also a popular symbol on the event of Easter. Eggs were often eaten on Easter, because people would give up the food through Lent. Another reason could be that eggs are a symbol of life. These reasons for the symbols of Easter are just theories but could have some truth and are worth looking into.

Dollywood Packing Plan


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If you are going on the Dollywood trip, a few of the things you should pack are as follows. You should pack three days worth of nice clothes to wear outside. Make sure to pack a pair of tennis shoes because of the amount we will be walking. Sunscreen is recommended just in case. You could also bring a water bottle for the long trips. Chargers and things to do while we are there would also be a nice thing to have. You might want to bring a jacket just in case because the high while we will be up there is around 77°F and a low of 43°F. Also make sure you bring a few of your many favorite snacks for your long car trip. 




               Last week, the fifth grade embarked on the annual Charleston field trip. The class drove down early Tuesday morning last week and arrived back at the school on Wednesday night.  Most years, the trip lasts two nights. However, this year, the trip was shortened to one night. The students and chaperones enjoyed touring several historic sites at Charleston. They visited the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. The Old Exchange building has served many purposes over the last few hundred years, and was an essential piece of our state’s birth. The class also visited Fort Sumter. My younger sister is in the fifth grade, and she has said only positive things about the trip. Once again, the Charleston trip has been a fun, educational time for all of the students.

Auction Recap

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This past Saturday, Laurens Academy help their annual spring auction. The auction was a huge success and many people showed up to participate in buying some items. There were multiple sections for the silent auction as well as a raffle and a live auction at the end. There were many interesting items for suction including each of the class baskets. They served burgers and chips for the meal and everyone had a great time. Brandon McGee was the auctioneer for the live auction which was also a huge success. All-around, the spring auction was a bigger success this year than it has been in  a long time. People are already looking forward to the next time Laurens  Academy has another auction whenever that may be.




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Easter is one of the best holidays ever to me. The reason we celebrate Easter is because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I love Jesus that is why we are here to tell about him. He died on the cross for us to forgive our sins. He also loves us all so much no matter if you are good or evil. He loves us all no matter what. But what he does not like is sin. Sin is awful it causes pain, hate, and sadness. Thankfully, if you believe in God and ask him to forgive your sins you will be saved. I love Easter for this reason.















Ruthie Moore Signs

See the source imageOn March 19, 2019, senior Ruthie Moore had her official signing to attend Covenant College. This will make the fifth Moore child to graduate Laurens Academy and go to Covenant. It’s really amazing and speaks volume that they all worked so hard and be accepted into the same exact college. Not many people can say all their siblings went to the same high school and college.   We wish Ruthie all of the best and know she will make everyone proud!

Third Grade Colonial Day


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This past Friday, March 22, Mrs. Harmon’s third grade class had Colonial Day.  The third graders have been learning about the beginning of the thirteen colonies and the Pilgrims in their history class.  Along with learning facts about the colonies and their founders, the third grade class learned to identify and label the original thirteen colonies on a map. To celebrate the end of their unit on the thirteen colonies, the third graders brought in food, made hats, and played games like the pilgrims.  The third graders feasted on succotash, chicken pot pie, apple pie, slices of bread, and other delicious dishes brought in my their parents.  After their meal, the children made hats like the pilgrims wore.  The boys made capotains and the girls made bonnets.  To end their day, the class participated in games and competitions like find the pilgrim and name that colony.  Mrs. Harmon’s third grade class had a blast celebrating  Colonial Day.

Cars vs. Pollen

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Now with the upcoming season brings a new problem that we all have to deal with and bear through. This problem is called pollen and it bothers most everybody’s allergies. What a lot of people miss when it comes to this problem is that your car also gets a bit of the problem itself. When it comes to pollen and your car it can be very difficult to get all of it off. By using water you could get it of but only a little and if you don’t get it off then it just spreads it across the car. This can be a very frustrating thing. There is really no getting all of it off so it is very frustrating. I hope that the pollen won’t be too bad this year and your car will not get too dusty.

Allergy Season

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Spring is finally here! The weather is getting nicer, the air is getting warmer, and the plants are finally blooming. However there are some downsides to this nicer weather. With all of the nice plants coming around this time of year, allergies are sure to follow. Most people are allergic to pollen which can lead to symptoms such as sinus pressure, runny noses, watery eyes, scratch throat, and coughing. There are different types of allergies too. Some may be from certain types of plants or animal fur.  Some allergies can last as long as the months of January through October. There are certain types of medicine made to specifically prevent these kind of symptoms. You can find simple allergy medications in any pharmacy, like Walgreens or CVS. Hopefully your allergy season isn’t full of pain.